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Why Choose eMission for Emissions Calculation?

At eMission, we revolutionize emissions reporting to empower your organization. Here’s why our platform stands out:

Simplified Emissions Benchmarking

Say goodbye to traditional barriers. eMission’s intuitive technology streamlines emissions benchmarking and reporting, making it accessible for all.


Accurate Quantification with Ease

Our advanced technology ensures precise emissions quantification without the complexity. Easily navigate our platform to achieve accurate results effortlessly.

Risk Mitigation

Protect your organization. eMission helps eliminate any exposure to penalties by ensuring compliance with government regulations, keeping you on the safe side.


Scalable for All Organization Sizes

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, our platform bridges the gap between technology and emissions reporting, catering to organizations of all sizes.

We offer emission inventories & reporting for:

  • municipalities
  • oil and gas (downstream, midstream and upstream)
  • electricity generation and transportation
  • shipping and transportation
  • recreational facilities
  • industrial facilities

Our Products

Corporate Benchmarking Report (CBR)

Proprietary Dashboard

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