Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement Corporate Benchmarking Report (CBR)

Project Summary:

The Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement CBR project aims to implement sustainable energy practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the community, located in Alberta, Canada. This project, in partnership with eMission Software Inc., will leverage innovative technologies and strategies to analyze .

Through comprehensive data analysis and targeted recommendations, the project seeks to empower the Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement community to adopt energy-efficient practices for their buildings and facilities. By establishing a baseline for energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, the project will identify areas for improvement and develop tailored solutions to achieve tangible results.

The Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement CBR serves as a model for sustainable development, demonstrating the potential for positive environmental impact and economic benefits within communities across Canada.

Buildings Involved
1. Community Services Building
2. Public Works Maintenance Shop
3. Settlement Cultural & Administration Offices
4. Head Start Daycare School
5. Recreation Center

The community had no buildings with energy monitoring established prior to this project.






Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement CBR Project Goals

  • Conduct an initial assessment of 2023 energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions within five key Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement buildings/facilities.
  • Establish baseline data and KPIs for energy usage and emissions for the five buildings.
  • Identify immediate opportunities for cost savings and energy optimization.
  • Identify opportunities for green capital projects and building retrofits.

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