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In response to the growing imperative for sustainable practices and the increasing global focus on energy conservation, eMission Software Inc. is proud to introduce the first-of-its-kind Corporate Benchmarking Report (CBR). 

This revolutionary tool is designed to empower municipalities in their sustainability efforts by providing comprehensive insights into energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable practices, we are offering an exclusive discount for select municipalities to celebrate the launch of the CBR. Take advantage of this limited opportunity to revolutionize your sustainability strategy.

Scope of the Report

The CBR provides comprehensive insights into energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across various sectors of municipal infrastructure. These sectors include buildings and facilities, fleet vehicles, streetlights and traffic signals, water and wastewater, and solid waste. By analyzing data from these sectors, municipalities can identify areas for improvement and develop targeted strategies to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Detailed breakdown of the sectors covered by the CBR:

Buildings and Facilities

The CBR assesses emissions stemming from stationary combustion of fuels or the use of grid electricity. This encompasses all buildings and facilities under municipal ownership or operation, including those leased to external entities.

Fleet Vehicles

The Fleet Vehicles sector includes emissions from fuel use and grid electricity, covering all direct and indirect emissions from motor fuels (including electricity) in municipal vehicles and equipment. This encompasses both on- and off-road vehicles, as well as corporate-owned public transit systems.

Streetlights and Traffic Signal

Streetlights and Traffic Signals analysis focuses on tracking greenhouse gas emissions resulting from energy usage for outdoor lighting. This includes streetlights, traffic signals, and other public lighting owned or operated by the municipality.

Water and Wastewater

This sector examines energy consumption and associated GHG emissions from municipal water and wastewater infrastructure. This includes lift and pumping stations, reservoirs, storage tanks, and treatment facilities. All infrastructure, whether owned by the local government or leased to utilities or private entities, is considered.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste sector monitors methane emissions from waste decomposition at landfills, as well as emissions from solid waste combustion at incineration facilities. Local governments report emissions either from municipally-owned waste disposal facilities or estimate GHG emissions based on solid waste collection data.

Get Insights and Actions with CBR

CBR presents a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across various municipal sectors, utilizing the best available data collection methods, including actual readings and estimates. Notable disparities in energy usage across sectors are identified, accompanied by visual representations such as charts and graphs. Based on this analysis, prioritized recommendations for each sector are provided, complete with implementation plans and explanations of their potential for immediate savings and sustainability contributions. Following these recommendations enables municipalities and organizations to significantly enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

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