Town of Carrot River Building Energy Analysis

Miranda Blaber – Project Manager
Taryn Bryson – Administrator

Project Start Date: 2023-04-01
Project End Date: 2024-03-31

Project Summary
The Town is utilizing eMission Software to create a benchmark energy consumption model and create an energy and carbon reduction strategy. Like many rural municipalities, the Town is challenged to provide various services to a relatively small group of constituents. Currently, the Town owns, manages, and operates the facilities listed. The Town is looking for opportunities to improve its environmental footprint while simultaneously reducing its operating costs and exploring additional revenue streams.

Buildings Involved
1. Carrot River Community Center, 3220 – 3rd Ave.
2. Carrot River Community Hall, 3240 – 3rd Ave.
3. Carrot River Town Office, 5 Main Street.
4. Carrot River Public Works Shop, 360 Birch Road.
5. Carrot River Public Library, 5 Main Street.

The Town had no buildings with energy monitoring established prior to this project.






Funded by the Green Municipal Fund (GMF)

Carrot River Project Goals


  • Monitor energy consumption of 5 municipally owned and/or operated buildings
  • Provide up-to-date analysis on KPIs


  • Assist in the analysis of the viability and feasibility of building retrofits and improvements through the review of reports generated via the eMission software
  •  Provide the information required for Carrot River staff and council to make informed decisions about next steps (feasibility study, potential building retrofits)
  • Baseline energy consumption modeling


  • Promote energy efficiency in both current buildings and in the construction of new buildings
  • Create energy resilience and reduce risks to improve energy security 
  • Enable the municipality to proactively improve energy efficiency amongst community and municipally owned buildings, reducing energy consumption and saving on energy-related costs 
  • Utilize the information obtained in this project for capital planning strategies 
  • Track the impact of energy efficiency projects, and measure and verify project and utility cost savings
  • Enable the installation of eMission Software sub-metering in various locations, as needed

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