Village of Holden Corporate Benchmarking Report (CBR)

The Village of Holden Corporate Benchmarking Report initiative focuses on implementing sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon emissions in the community of Holden, located in Alberta, Canada. Collaborating with eMission Software Inc., this project aims to employ innovative technologies and methodologies to assess and enhance energy efficiency.

By conducting a thorough data analysis and offering tailored recommendations, the project endeavors to empower the Village of Holden community to embrace energy-efficient practices across its corporate buildings and infrastructure. Establishing a benchmark for energy consumption and emissions will pinpoint areas for enhancement and facilitate the development of customized solutions to achieve tangible outcomes.

Assets Involved

  • Buildings
    • Holden Office
    • Library
    • The Gallery
    • Community Hall
    • Public Works Shop
    • Old Shop/NU2U2
    • Museum
    • Museum #2
    • Holden Complex
    • Beaver Foundation
    • Holden Rural Academy
    • Old Water Plant


  • Fleet Vehicles
    • F150
    • F350
  • Wastewater Facilities
    • Lift Station #1
    • Lift Station #2
  • Community Lights
    • Streetlights
    • Sports Ground
    • Campground
  • Other
    • ¬†Corporate Solid Waste Disposal




Energy & GHG Emissions Analysis


Village of Holden Project Goals


  • Gather 2023 energy consumption data in corporate buildings, facilities, fleet vehicles, and streetlights
  • Provide real-time analysis on corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other energy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


  • Facilitate assessment of the practicality and viability of asset retrofits and enhancements by reviewing reports generated through eMission software
  • Equip Village of Holden personnel and council with essential data to make informed decisions regarding future steps (such as feasibility studies or potential building retrofits)
  • Establish baseline models for energy consumption and GHG emissions in all corporate assets outlined in the PCP Protocol


  • Champion energy efficiency in existing structures, fleet operations, and street lighting
  • Promote energy resilience to mitigate risks and enhance energy security
  • Enable proactive energy efficiency improvements in community-owned assets, leading to reduced energy consumption and cost savings
  • Utilize project data for strategic capital planning
  • Monitor the impact of energy efficiency initiatives, validating project and utility cost savings
  • Facilitate the deployment of eMission software sub-metering in various locations as required

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