eMission becomes first in Canada to announce partnership with HBAR Foundation, utilizing Hedera’s Guardian for open source emission measurement

CALGARY, AB, May 16, 2022 /CNW/ – eMission Software Inc is partnering with the HBAR Foundation to incorporate the unique Hedera Hashgraph technology and open source Guardian software into emissions reporting, including tokens auditable to the metric tonne.

Hedera Hashgraph is the most used, enterprise-grade, public ledger. eMission’s offering allows companies in Canada to calculate their site-specific emissions and complete reporting quickly and easily. Their product increases accessibility to carbon credits and trading markets for small and medium sized corporations, while decreasing resource requirements for all clients independent of their size. eMission aims to increase transparency in areas where it is sorely needed.

The Canadian start-up just finished their initial round of pre-seed financing in Q1 2022. They will be the first in Western Canada to partner with the USA based outfit and bring the Guardian to current Canadian reporting requirements, namely the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program and the National Pollutant Release Inventory (GHGRP and NPRI respectively). eMission’s current product offering streamlines emission calculation and reporting for energy producers in Western Canada but development is nearing completion for a universal reporting interface which is industry agnostic.

Richard Hepp, Founder of eMission, said, “Utilizing Hedera’s network with our emission reporting application creates a synergy that will provide clients with superior ease of use while de-risking future operations. This is a game-changer for resource-constrained organizations that have difficulty accessing carbon markets and are motivated to address growing ESG demands.”

The integration is the first step toward a unique, fully-fledged verification platform to benchmark emissions and improve the Environmental, Social, and Governance scores of entities and organizations around the world.

“Hedera’s speed and low-carbon footprint made it the clear frontrunner for a strategic partnership considering the nature of our technology and our goals with respect to scalability and decentralization of regulation,” said Ross Mann, Chief Technology Officer of eMission Software.

“We’re excited to see eMission adopt Carbon Emission Tokens and verifiable measurement for organizations. eMission’s commitment to open source standards and granular reporting brings new opportunities for companies to join the movement for transparent ESG reporting” said Wes Geisenberger, VP of Sustainability & ESG at the HBAR Foundation.

“Environmental sustainability is a core value for Hedera, which is reflected in everything we do. From leveraging the energy-efficient hashgraph algorithm and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, to committing to carbon-negative network operations by purchasing carbon offsets quarterly, to nurturing a growing ecosystem of sustainability solutions built on the Hedera network, we believe that DLT can actually be a force for good in the struggle for a more sustainable future. We are pleased that an innovator like eMission has chosen to integrate with the Hedera network to bring greater transparency to emissions calculations and reporting,” said Sergey Metelin, Executive Director, Developer Advocacy at Swirlds Labs.

About eMission Software Inc
eMission is the creator of emissions calculation and reporting software, primarily for Oil & Gas producers to stay compliant with federal and international standards. They provide corporate benchmarks for companies operating in the Americas, and have recently started exploring opportunities in North Africa. Founder Richard Hepp is an expert in emission regulations.

Media Contact: Richard Hepp, Founder, rhepp@e-mission.ca, 403-479-5133